I will only consider providing advice in the following instances.

Deferred Member:

you need to be a deferred member of your scheme and not actively accumulating benefits. You need to be a deferred member to obtain a Guaranteed Cash Equivalent Transfer Value which I require to analyse your scheme benefits. If you are an active member, I cannot engage in conversation with you.

At retirement age:

You need to be, at most, five years away from your scheme retirement age. In most cases, this will be age 50 or older, but if you have a protected retirement age of 50 and wish to ‘port’ this to a flexible pension arrangement, you can do this by finding someone else in the scheme who also wishes to transfer.

Have solid reasons for transferring:

I won’t provide advice to transfer if your reasons are simply to have control of a larger cash pot in retirement as opposed to a regular income. The reasons you want to transfer should meet objectives which staying in the scheme cannot achieve.

Be prepared to pay for advice:

I will charge for my advice once I have completed a full analysis of your situation and scheme.

Have at least £100,000:

The minimum amount we’ll consider to provide advice is £100,000.

I will not provide advice if you simply want a ‘sign off’ so you can access your pension. My advice is intended to assess the suitability of a transfer and recommend the most suitable course of action. I will also not accept insistent clients.